Kilauea volcano images 2018. Kilauea Volcano: Photos of the Eruptions

Kilauea volcano images 2018. Kilauea Volcano: Photos of the 2018 Eruption

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In pictures: Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts

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A massive geyser of lava erupts from a fissure of the Kilauea volcano on Tuesday, May Authorities ordered people living in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens to take shelter in local community centers. Volcanic vents, or fissures, have cracked open across the area and gobbled up dozens of homes and vehicles. Kilauea has threatened residents with the eruption of its Puu Oo vent since , according to the US Geological Survey. This aerial image shows an outbreak of fast-moving lava heading toward the Leilani Estates community on Sunday, May