Witcher 3 gwent cards buy locations. Where to Find Every Gwent Card in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Tips | Prima Games

Witcher 3 gwent cards buy locations. Gwent Card List & Locations in Witcher 3

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All gwent cards and locations | Gwent is life

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Reconciling these lists with your current Gwent deck is a pain thanks to how cards are sorted in the deck menu, and there are so many missable cards that consulting this list at the end of the game can be heartbreaking. If you follow this guide, you too can know the joy of seeing the Card Collector achievement notification. There are three ways to acquire Gwent cards, in addition to those granted to you at the start of the game: purchase them from vendors, win them during quests, and win them during random matches. In order to complete your Gwent collection you must purchase every card on sale in the Northern Realms. This is the easiest way to collect cards and CD Projekt RED has helpfully patched out an issue with the innkeeper in White Orchard, after many players found themselves unable to obtain the Gwent cards there. Check out the merchants by the bridge in White Orchard if you miss the innkeeper.