Robert wadlow tallest man ever. Robert Wadlow, the Alton Giant: Tallest Man Ever Lived On Earth

Robert wadlow tallest man ever. Tallest Man Ever – Robert Wadlow

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Robert Wadlow, the Alton Giant: Tallest Man Ever Lived On Earth

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Measuring in at 8 feet Sultan Kosen, the tallest living man today, would stand 8 inches shorter than Wadlow. Born an unremarkable size on February 22, , Wadlow showed great growth soon after birth. His elementary school had to make a special desk to accommodate his size, and by age 8, he stood taller than his own father at 6 feet tall. When he joined the Boy Scouts at 13, he had grown to stand 7 feet 4 inches tall, and his uniform required 14 yards of fabric to make! He was 8 feet 4 inches when he graduated high school and soon toured the country with the Ringling Brothers Circus. In fact, Wadlow had amany items customized due to his height.