Love of junk walla walla. Love of Junk, Walla Walla's Market, Valley Chapel Rd, Walla Walla, WA ()

Love of junk walla walla. Love of Junk, Walla Walla’s Market

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Love of Junk, Walla Walla’s Market - Flea Market Zone | Vendor Resources

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This cute and thrifty market started in June of on the farm and soon became number four on the top ten list of flea markets in the state of Washington. This family friendly farm has a beautiful view of the Blue Mountains that make for a lovely backdrop setting. Families can spend the day together on a beautiful farm while shopping for knick-knacks. It is a smoke free zone and pets are not allowed. The market also offers camping spaces, with limited bathrooms and showers, available for vendors. You can bring your own camper or RV and reserve a spot, and for an extra fee there are also some electrical hookups in the camping area.