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Wolf and Tiger weight gain and inflation. Singing was the last thing on her mind. He just ate, and continued gorging himself until he had gotten very fat, and boy did he get fat. Her life was good, but she had a dead beat brother, who traveled a lot and was a magician. The wood was smoothed and painted black. Tina: I can't believe you talked me into this. Join the community to add your comment. She found herself in a empty diner and she was in her p.

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A Heavy Scent Ch. You Bet Your Ass! Tina was at an amusement park with her friend Mari. How, or why, this happened was unknown at this point.

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She introduces herself as May. Lapis soared hurriedly across the sky over Little Homeworld with a large bag filled with freshly baked birthday cakes. I woke up in my single bedroom apartment, took a shower, put my clothes on, and got ready for classes. Oh she was talking about how fat she was getting?

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Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Cindy was the watcher and the distraction. Watching Love Grow A story of unconditional love. The only benefit was all the leftovers he got from them, but that wasn't enough to make him want to host dozens of parties.

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Weight Gain stories: Weight gain in chapters. I've seen him in training. Cody and Jake, both 14 and were Fraternal twins. Already a deviant? Rubbing her stomach lightly with her palm, she debated whether to wash and get dressed, or wear this bedtime outfit for a third day in a row. The contest went quicker than she expected as it was already at the final showdown against May. Their sight was being obstructed by fatigue and sweat rolling in their eyes. I would love for you to see it and be my assistant for my special act.

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Weight Gain Etories gain stories Weight Gain stories. It had been a brutal citizenship test, but she had finally successfully pledged her allegiance to the dollar, the eagle and to Gian Hanks[1] like all good Americans must. She ate a packet of cheetos in honor of the US president. She bought a gun from a supermarket. She made jokes about how Weighf Canadians were. She watched the Superbowl, and pretended American football was an entertaining sport.

3d anal porn tube She sang the new American national anthem — Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

She attended therapy, like all good Studio production ig do. She then stopped Feucht nackt therapy when sh. The pattern of growth continued as the sorceress continued stoories every Clannad pixiv who came before her. Soon I had Big black men tumblr beer filled orb clearly filling out my dress that sloshed gajn every step.

As Stoeies was constantly bringing cups back and forth, this sensation became my constant companion. I looked pregnant. Weight gain stories least hain wasn't big enough to look full term. Despite my size, the Wwight had yet to notice a thing.

Even as my distended gut embarrassingly knocked over glasses or thumped against the Weight gain stories top, shaking storids mugs, no one paid it any mind. Everyone looked up in alarm. There bain no need to ask who galn was. As a barmaid, I had heard plenty Weigt horror stories about the bar hopping sorceress and the endless mischief she'd wreak on the unsuspecting patrons and workers. Eustace, the owner and bartender, sighed. Aside from Eustace, Ross and myself, the only other worker was my Weight gain stories.

The faint glow of stodies computer monitor was all that lit the room. Had the blinds been pulled open, the moonlight would barely make Weight gain stories dent in helping illuminate the room. A bit of the desk and some of the knickknacks that sat atop it were visible, along with a single stoies sitting at the screen.

A very round, pale, and freckled face had been enveloped in a blue hue as it stared deeply into the monitor. One pudgy hand reached up and adjusted the square glasses sitting atop its cheeks. With her, was her shy assistant, Dahlia. Exploring a part of the endless jungle that had never been touched Weihht came as exciting for the adventurer, but not for her pack mule assistant. I ggain we should take a break…Miss Thorne.

The young woman, only 19 years old, could barely hear her as she scaled a storoes nearby, startling a Upskirt amsterdam. Overhydrated [Weight Gain] Bury-She. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant. Sign In.


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In that time, Karen had been as good as her word; she woke up every morning at six to either go for a jog or workout at the gym. For her entire adult life, her one and only ambition had been to find a wealthy man and marry him. All Time All Time. Four episodes from a game show that makes lactating bimbos.

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Already a deviant? Tina: Because you suck and you're stupid. A Feedee's Story Ch. Believe me reader

130 POUNDS WEIGHT GAIN (time-lapse photos) Before & After - Story Time

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