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They get a cool hat , a Nazi -esque longcoat, a sword or power fist they seem all too happy to hit the enemy with and their iconic bolt pistol which they use to "boost" the morale of their men, although they sometimes trade it for las or plasma pistols but seeing your buddy's head explode or melt down does indeed motivate you better than just seeing a laser beam go through it. Some Commissars have been known to use Power Fists , though these are by far the rarest weapons used by the members of the Commissariat. Extended campaigns often call for extra duties to ensure the morale of the troops is kept high. Some Commissars prefer to replace their Bolt Pistol with a full-sized Bolter. A Commissar was given power to ensure his or her regiment's continuing loyalty, and was charged to do anything necessary to prevent the corruption or spread of Chaos among the Guardsmen of that unit. While it was originally believed to be near impossible for any Commissar to fall to Chaos at least for those of you following the The Regimental Standard , and The Regimental Standard never lies, although it may make very minor errors at times , the existence of Traitor Commissars has been confirmed. A Commissar preparing to summarily execute a trooper found wanting. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Better safe than sorry.

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A female Commissar is a rare sight, except by the Vostroyans, otherwise, there is little to no representation in the fluff. Obviously they are evil fucks for killing their own men but usually it is done because it has to be done. The punishment for cowardice and desertion is death and the Commissar will apply the sentence on the spot, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Some of those paragons may achieve the rank of Lord Commissar. In extremis, a Commissar must be prepared to execute wavering soldiers or incompetent officers without a moment's remorse; few things enforce discipline better than a malcontent or coward being shot dead for their failings, and this message is all the stronger when a mass-reactive bolt shell sprays a Guardsman's brains across his horrified comrades in a shower of gore. They were known to utilise Familiars , in the form of hunting eagles, to help them track down those who attempted to shirk their soldierly responsibilities.

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It should also be noted, that not all Commissars are trigger-happy fucknuts. In this current moment of the history of man, war has become a very different thing. Don't say we didn't warn you. Guardian of all imperial lolis.

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Commissars were attached to every regiment, and were used extensively in the immediate wake of the Traitor forces' retreat to ensure that the population of planets that had been ravaged by Chaos were not subverted by Chaos splinter cells or sleeper Chaos Cults. While it seems they still act as leaders of heretics and traitor Guardsmen, their exact role and whether or not they execute people for being possible Loyalists is uncertain, although a good guess is that they'd act like enforcers on a wider scale. They embodied the rule of distant Terra and so far as the average militia warrior was concerned had the ear of the Emperor Himself. They must be able to fight as well as any hive-spire duellist while fulfilling the conflicting roles of merciless taskmaster and inspiring hero with equal ease. A commissar was a type of political officer of the Communist Party utilised primarily by the former Soviet Union and present-day China, responsible for political and education and organisation. Comes in original packaging. However, they do carry a potent stun-gun to bring down those who break ranks and save the bolter shells for those who have willingly became servants of Chaos or Xenos. Commissars have also been known to carry laser weapons, from Laspistols paired with a close combat weapon to their regiment's standard-issue Lasguns. Single Minature.

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Guard players Warhammer female commissar will not want to miss this. Games Workshop just announced a new female commissar model that Waarhammer coming in February.

They are everywhere on the tabletop in 8th edition and are actually a real force to be reckoned with. Well, Imperial Guard fans rejoice because a new female Commissar model is on the way from Games Workshop. And, of course, there are going Warhammer female commissar be loads of new books, CDs and other goodies to pick up…. This Warhammer female commissar model is your chance to add this devout Imperial hero to your collection.

One of these goodies, obviously being Warhammer female commissar Raine, a female Commissar model. The model concept itself is not new, but it is getting a welcome design and production update.

Honorbound tells the story of Severina Raine. The model is even based on the art of herself on the cover of Pamela watara nude book. After thirteen long years of lore and events written down on the pages of over fifty books, the Siege of Terra is finally about to commence.

The Buried Dagger is the final book before the siege actually begins. Warhajmer you a 3d anthro cat porn of the Inquisition and Sisters. Warhammer female commissar, Our Martyred Lady is an audio drama of four hour-long episodes that tell the tale of Greyfax and Celestine attempting to stop a religious civil war from blossoming in the heart of the Imperium.

The Warhsmmer Storm of Iron book is coming back to the shelves Dell xps 15 windows ink the story of the Iron Warriors testing the might of the Imperium.

This is just another thing to add to your Heresy caves. What do you think about the new Female Commissar model. Can you think of what Kill Team rules she might have. Which book are you going to Warhammer Throat creampie commissar first. Spikey Bits Latest. About the Author: Wesley Floyd. Related Posts. Warhammer female commissar 23rd, 0 Comments. December 22nd, 0 Comments.


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Not to mention that you'll want to wear one of their turbans to protect your head against the heat, but you can't wear your cap alongside one of those things. As military leaders, they can appraise the battle lines of the enemy as swiftly as they measure the mettle of their own troops, punishing any weakness they see with merciless expedience. Really adding to my army! Some of those paragons may achieve the rank of Lord Commissar.

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Another of the Commissar's duties is to keep a watchful eye on any psyker under his care. This often leads to friendly rivalries between the Commissar and any Priest of the Ecclesiarchy present, as both men will constantly try to outdo each other with both stirring speeches and demonstrations of valour meant to motivate the troops. Commissars are trained from a young age to be strict adherents and upholders of the Imperial Creed and its associated strictures by the Schola Progenium , which serves the purpose of education and military training centers for Commissarial Cadets, Grenadiers, and Storm Troopers for all Imperial Guard regiments, and also provides officers for some. The Commissar's standard uniform consists of the great coat, with identifying gold and red epaulets, and red lining on collar and cuffs, a peaked officer's cap, usually black with red lining, and bearing an Aquila, or skull motif that denotes a member of the Officio Prefectus, a black undercoat, with either red or gold finery, black combat pants, and combat boots.

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