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I behold. Something does not work as expected? He warms me up. Personnel report sounds of scraping stone originating from within the container when no one is present inside.

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Marauders, who soil our sacred halls with their presence. PL-Hub Polish branch. However, it seems to have become inert over time, now functioning simply as a sturdy container for SCP Site Rules.

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People who encouraged me to work in this include Crayne, Kalinin and Vlank. Thanks again for telling me this could make it and giving me so much help. Now then. I know this concept Gypsy sex video how I've handled itis not conventional. How it's risky, too long, too technical and perhaps too boring. However, life consists on taking risks and my internal image of Foundation business is technical, practical, calm and boring; so what the hell, let's post this.

Both the Archive logo and the memetic Ski stars nude were made by me. I hope they do not feel too out of place. In any case, please leave feedback, be it pleasingly positive or destructively negative. Also, it was a pleasure to know you all.

Edit: I liked the idea and I knew I wasn't alone, but really, this is beyond what I expected. Thanks for your School anime 2018, people.

I'm very glad you liked it. Yes, by the same author. Have to be thorough with legal stuff. I think this works very nicely, though it seems I have a Scp 179 tolerance for technical pages than some people. Only thing bugging me is the repetition of "locked to the rotation axis of sol" near the beginning of the description, it feels very Die pinguine aus madagascar porno. Got it, dear Jack Noir.

Please don't stab me. I'll rework it or erase it as soon as I can. As soon as I saw Thaumiel, I was worried. However, I do feel this uses the Thaumiel very well. It is also an excellent replacement for the old SCP However, by itself, it has some redeeming qualities, but I also dislike the concept of a benevolent watch god.

It feels boring and overly dramatic. No vote for now. Not that it needs it, but Thaumiel represents a highly classified object, so I feel that lore-wise it should have either a cover story or some kind of credentials check. Overly dramatic. Well, I know this is a matter of tastes, but I'd like to know where do you get that feeling from… just curious, and willing to modify it if the changes do not break the current configuration and tech-speak parts.

That's the entire point of the administrative warning ES Also, the Foundation erased the memories of all involved Allover30 artemesia and kept a cut Widowmaker sfm porn file just so those personnel knew what they were working at before being moved head canon bit because memory redaction therapy works best that way.

You were doing something, guys; this is what you were doing. The rest, you're not meant to know. Go away before we tazer you. I don't know quite what… probably the interview log. As for ES, I feel Octopath traveler hidden jobs that comes a bit late.

Maybe that's unnecessary, but it feels like something that the Foundation would do, lore-wise. Those properties of interest to the Foundation, the details of its movements and the fact that it is sentient makes it her a Thaumiel, and that is very Haydee hentai. I'm Anime bedeutung glad that Sauelsuesor is posted finally here, and to see it's rating going up swiftly.

SCP has been defined as a human female of undetermined Scp 179 group of between twenty and forty years of age. Its entire bodily surface is covered in or composed of a matte black material. Add to that the fact that her hair can be highly reflective, and you've got:.

However, this part of SCP seems to reflect variable amounts of sunlight — this reflection being the phenomenon that indicated its existence to Foundation astrophysicists during It's a humanoid woman. Two meters tall tops, probably less. Small, yes, but not beyond the Foundation's resources. That should be in the article, I think, because I had no idea what scale I was working with Scp 179 reading it.

Isn't it Scp Scp 179 in "SCP has been defined as a human female of undetermined ethnic group of between twenty and forty years of age". I mean, if we can evaluate its estimated age and call her a human, not just a humanoid….

I feel like there are a couple of problems with that description. It says she is a human, not a humanoid, but that is obviously not true since she is not an actual human. Actual humans cant live in space without protection, nor have the supernatural ability to detect objects in space headed towards earth.

In fact, by foundation standards, all SCPs are Jenna keety by definition, no matter how "human-like" they seem. And this would be the right interpretation, because unless the foundation took DNA samples on her and did extensive testing of some sort we cannot possibly know what her actual age is or whether she was originally human, all we know is what her appearance resembles.

Besides, even if it weren't needed, since precision and accuracy are obviously vital to the foundation, wouldn't it be better to specifically state a piece of information to make sure everyone who might need it, gets it, rather than leave it up to implication. Wait wait wait wait wait it's an ordinary-sized human with hair that is thirty-four kilometres long.

That's… totally not how I was picturing it. I really think you should be clearer about the size of this thing. Overall… hmm. I'm really not sure. The actual skip itself also bores me a bit: it's a woman who points out dangerous things. Admittedly a weird woman, and I was left with a few questions about who made her and how, but still not tremendously exciting to me. I think in reality the problem I have hear is a combination of these two things: the super-secrecy and meme kill build up a sense of huge danger or power Prison break 5 million dollars the very least, and then the actual skip is a bit… anticlimactic.

I'd say this one could be easily Euclid and potentially even Safe - no need for all the fussing and top sekrit stuff. All that said, though, the language and tone is totally on point, and I like the art, and it's an interesting ideabut for now… I think no vote.

While the size issue has been adequately put by Scan before, the length of her hair is explicitly stated here:. I find that this is an archetype necessary for any Scp 179, perhaps even justified beyond its usual application.

It is a crucial item for a large, complex and Scp 179 beneficial project of the Foundation. But what really scares the Foundation, the thing that makes them strike this thing from every record and amnestizice their own personnel is the fear of an information leak. Notice that they can't Scp 179 the skip itself, at all. They "only" enact misinformation measures. Because, if any GoI learns aboutthey will know about extremely dangerous threatening entities coming towards Earth.

Some of them will attempt to destroy them. Some of them will attempt to contain them. Some of them will try to gain access to them, acquire them and use them before the Foundation can enact containment. This skip is pointing at world-ending stuff. I find the Foundation would be rightfully Chloe ayling nackt of what the wrong people could do with this information.

All that said, though, the language and tone is totally on point, and I like the art, and it's an interesting idea, but for now… I think no vote. Fair enough, I knew it lays too strongly on its tech-language and it's perhaps too dense… while I didn't consider it from your perspective, it is good to know the language is correct. And thanks again. I think it's really important to point out that the human-shaped bit of the entity is 0. Regarding language: I was entirely praising you about that; I don't think it's too strongly techy or dense.

I do think that sometimes you use too many hedge words around appearing : for example, its hair 'seems to reflect variable amounts of sunlight'. I don't Riding girl gif you need the 'seems' there. And on further reading, I've changed my mind, and I think this deserves an upvote. I found myself wondering "Shouldn't this be Keter instead of Thaumiel.

Having figured it out, I upvoted by the end, but I will say, this is extremely confusing the way it's presented. I'll also say that the format screw and Thaumiel stuff works well, at least. Yeah, I understand what you mean. The Foundation wasn't certain until the Thaumiel reclass, either. I guess confusion is a big problem with my skips. Thanks for your feedback nonetheless… also happy that format "modding" was successful.

I mean, looking at Katie thornton nude pics object and the story behind its containment, why wouldn't the article look like this, really.

An argument could be made against the usage of procedurally generated memes, the " Safe Thaumiel" Object Class why keep the "safe" designation and openly adress it "Thaumiel", for one.

It's enough. I have no problem with Thaumiel, but what idiot ever thought this entity was Safe. Even before they ever saw her do anything, she failed the locked box test spectacularly. Create account or Sign in. International Scp 179 Hub.


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Marauders, who soil our sacred halls with their presence. New Member Info. These instances are terminated. What is this?

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Closing: Despite several communication attempts, SCP did not perform any other movements nor transmit other messages. An instance of SCP is produced, taking the form of a highly advanced mechanical automaton identical in exterior appearance to MTF-Zeta He caresses me with his arcs and his voice and renews me. New Member Info.

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