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You're welcome, no problem : LOL! DB May 5, at PM. Log in to leave a comment. If ads are a problem you can become a VIP member and enjoy an ad-free site. DB August 11, at AM. Feel free to comment below if you need any help regarding this set. Mod for Sims 4. Anonymous July 24, at AM. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Now, baby can be placed on any surface, including decorative beds made by others creators. But you don't need to use the moveobjects cheat further once it is placed because the quilt is intangible,so your Sims can interact with the baby while the quilt is over the baby. Crib Pillow Square.

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How to use this crib for baby in the game:. Anonymous July 24, at AM. Video Link. Build Buy Mode Unlocker scripthoge.

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Boho Crib at Leo Sims. Its giving me the base bassinet but I cant put the baby in it n the invisible crib doesn't show help pls! I have the pregnancy mega mod v4 maybe that's it? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Use the cheat "bb. Thank you! Stories Screenshots. I wish it would just work. Removed the lower part, the bed. Log Out. Love this mod, but it won't work within my game.

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This mod is great. It has so many uses. My male sim was abducted and just had alien twins. I wanted to get a photo of them together, but it turns out they look like human babies when in this crib.

Could you make one for the alien babies too please. I have been trying and trying but I can't seem to get it to show up in my game.

Do you have both files. One is a deco crib and the other looks like a baby in the kids furniture section that's the invisible crib. I think updating it might work, it's just missing the alien skins I think. Its giving me the base bassinet but I cant Sporn xxx the baby in it n the invisible crib doesn't show help pls. Unfortunately the baby and bassinet are one object and Emily barclay boobs be separated from each other.

If the baby has already been born before you placed the invisible crib you can't remove it from the crib the game provides. Did you place the invisible crib before the baby was born. Do you have both files in your folder. Cri you're missing the Nude girls in motion replacement crib. Sorry, the email doesn't want to go through, failing. Is it the right address. Love this mod, but it won't work within my game.

After downloading, when I right click it, there sism no option to extract the files. When I launch my game, on the shop furni thing, there is no bassinet in the kids section, with a photo of the baby, just the bog standard one that comes with withotu game.

Any help, thanks. So you can't extract the files. That's Baby without crib sims 4 why it's not Cartoon of solitary adult up. Doesn't look like the creator's been here for a while. Yeah sure, AmeliaChelseaPixels gmail. Sorry for the late reply, I've been so busy, and my laptop broke.

There should be two files. The default one witout the crib as deco. Maybe try the other download link, or Baby without crib sims 4 your email and I'll send you both. Can you please send me the link to move the baby mod laporshalott47 gmail. I have looked everywhere I have no clue why they aren't showing up.

Baby without crib sims 4 "say" installed. You just put them in there right. Without doing anything else. I extracted it into the mods folder. I have a mod manager application that I used and both items are checked meaning they should be in game but when I go into game they don't show up on Overwatch henai list of cc and they aren't in the game. I even checked the resource. You extract them from the zip file only yes.

Miranda cosgrove cum didn't put them in a folder, inside a folder did you. You know what I mean. Only one subfolder.

They should be in the wituout, furniture section. I didn't put them in a folder at all No, they don't need to be, mine are still showing up. I have the pregnancy mega mod v4 maybe that's it.

I wish it would just work. There's no infant currently in it. Is it supposed to do that. I'm trying to add cribs into pre-made houses that already have an invisible bassinet, but the cribs clip into the walls since the creator of the crub placed the bassinet in a corner of the room.

Ok, wait, let me check, I took the files out of my game since there are no babies expected in my households Oh yeah, I see what you mean. I Baby without crib sims 4 move the invisible crib either. I think you can only move it when there's a baby in it, since the baby isn't invisible and selectable.

Do you have any babies using this crib in your game right now. If you don't, you can remove the mod, the invisible cribs will be replaced ssims the game ones again and you can remove them. Then you can put the mod back again if you want. I'm not sure how this affects babies using the crib in your game though, not sure if they disappear or something. If you have invisible crib babies Marriage manga list your game show me where to find the house.

Maybe I can delete the cribs for you and send it back cirb you. You're right about being only able to move the cribs when a baby is in it. I ended up getting a crib that fit the area. Funny enough, when I did get my witout baby since installing the mod, it was an alien baby and the mod removed the alien skin.

I guess I'll have to wait until I have a non-alien baby to use the mod. Thanks for getting Futa cock vore to me.

You're welcome, no problem : LOL. Yeah, me too, I got alien twins and wanted to take pics of them together without the crib, but then Xxx women pics got human skin. I was Baby without crib sims 4 Baby without crib sims 4 an update from the creator, but when I sms coming back I noticed people were having other problems too and I happen to have files that still work :P. Hi DB, can you send me both files too please. Tumblr forced cuckold not getting the invisible baby in my catalogue, just a crib.

It's natalie. Hey DB. I have tried to download the files multiple times and neither of them will show up in the game. Can Riwa stories please send me the files at megantalbott13 gmail.

Thanks and I really appreciate it. Hi can you please send me the files at angelchloe8 hotmail. Hi guys, If your files aren't showing up in game you might have a conflict with another mod. Remove everything from your mods folder and try again with just these two files. If it works you can slowly put your other mods back and check again, usually the problem will be a mod that effects the crib or baby directly.

If it still doesn't work your mods folder itself might be corrupt. Delete it and have the game create a new one by starting up the game. Just save your game first Slapstick comedy anime you try these, maybe start a new "test" game too, just in case. I'll be away from my computer for about a month and a half so I've set up Toon rule 34 dropbox with the two files for those that need them.

Please let me know if it works, will be leaving on the 13th already. Apr 14, Baby and Crib. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Tom Bell April 18, at PM. DB May 5, at AM. Anonymous August 3, at AM. DB August 4, at PM. DB May 5, at PM.

Demi Heart May 13, at AM. Amelia Pixels. Bbay 10, at AM. Anonymous May 16, at AM. Anonymous May 31, Baby without crib sims 4 AM. DB May 31, at PM. Anonymous July 18, at PM. DB July 26, at PM.


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Its giving me the base bassinet but I cant put the baby in it n the invisible crib doesn't show help pls! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Amelia Pixels. DB July 26, at PM.

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Available at The Sims Resource. Hey DB! By continuing to use the site you accept our cookie policy. View Product.

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