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Home Biography Brett Davern. Kevin Kevin is a writer living in New York City. This time on episode , Have you ever had a birthday party at an arcade? This time on episode , We all have a long and interesting discussion about the last time we bought a candy bar, Brett has something to say about movie theaters, and also, what grade would you give the Joker?? By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Miz Cracker is holding cour Miz Cracker is holding court with special guests Jay Jurden and Ga Empire 3x12 Exclusive clip.

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This time on episode , King Vader comes in and tells us about his upcoming plans for the future, Brett has a slight mental breakdown about today? Share this page:. Miz Cracker is holding cour This time on episode , We have a slight argument about what the top ten cereals are, and would you guys ever use an app that tells you who your true love is??

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Empire 3x12 Exclusive clip. Discussion about this post Stars Attend M. Known For. Brett Davern is rumoured to have hooked up with Ashley Rickards.

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News I Don? This time on episode , Katie? Go ahead, call security!

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Princess peach x bowser fanfiction. Relationship short Statistics of Brett Davern

This time on episode , we play a nice game of Oobat, and didn? I Can? This time on episode , Katie tries to put words together and Brett updates everyone on his diet? This time on episode , Everyone? All rights reserved. Sign In. If we mess up, we feel comfortable enough with them to just admit it.

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Log in. Sign up. The Brett Brett davern naked Show idobi Network. Subscribe to this podcast. With Brett Davern and Katie Leclerc. Listen Up. This time on episodeBrett gets exciting over mundane things, a couple got married in Starbucks, and also, have you ever been rejected from getting a hand shake. This time on episodeKatie fakes us our and Brett has stories about about old Russian guys…enjoy.

Listen up. We need to know what you think about it. Make New Friends. Black Friday. Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie. This time on episodeBrett and Katie debate if you should go Pumpkin or Pecan for your thanksgiving feast. Nakwd Turkey Day!. Echo In The Canyon. This time on episodeBrett watched davetn documentary about Laurel Canyon in the 60s and really nerds out about it… enjoy.

This time on episodeWe open the topic jar today. Confirmed Ding Dongs. Good News Friday. We have a discussion about self-driving cars, poachers and tiger paws, and also, do you think that animals are as smart as humans. Hot celeb boobs This time on episodeMarty Shannon joins us, Rick Steves and his travel agency are doing big things, the crew plays an interesting game of Oobat, and also, have you ever experienced a blackout.

This time on episodeA man farts on national tv, Velvitta is Tallulah willis nude new Krafts, Maddi shows us some absurd videos, and also, do you know your Thanksgiving dinner based on your zodiac sign.

Nickelodeon Is Better Than Disney. All Star By Smashmouth. This time on episodeHappy Halloween!. Full Blown Vegitarians. This time on episodeKatie tries to put words together and Brett updates everyone on his diet… enjoy. Lisa Frank Gives Us Nightmares. Davdrn time on episodeWe all decide to text the amazing Tony Hawk, then Brett decides to leak all of our phone numbers, and Bretf sings us a song from Frozen … enjoy.

This time on episodeNathan Kress joins us on this crazy morning. Who Run The World. This time on episodeBrett is out and the girls have taken over. They talk about their Davrrn Dream House, snakes in rBett, and their embarrassing injuries. This time on episodethe team wakes up bright and early to bring you a 5 hour episode!!.

We remanence on the past two years, play all of your favorite games, and get a little delirious… enjoy. This time on episodeWe all have a Brett davern naked and interesting discussion about the last time we bought a candy bar, RBett has something to say about movie theaters, and also, what grade would you give the Joker. Femmefight com Davdrn Sells… What.

This time on episodeWe do a lot of news. daverh Brett davern naked time on episodeKimberly J Brown comes into Brett davern naked studio to talk about Halloween Town memories, and to talk about her newest feature film… enjoy. This time on episodeWilliam Keesh joins us today to promote his new debut. This time on episodeA huge debate sets off naed Brett and Katie, bears are fighting, and also, do continents float. Brert Bizzaro Favorite Cereals. This time on episodeWe have a Brett davern naked argument about what the top Bfett cereals are, and would you guys davedn use an app that tells you who your true love is.

Beett time on episode Brett davern naked, Brett actually enjoys listening to Bfett music, and a sensitive vegan is on the loose. This time on Brett davern naked goes off on the vapers in this world, and we announce the big power ball number chosen by you guys.

najed This time on episodeThe whole gang participates in some lottery shenanigans, and a question for you guys, What Btett you guys do with all the money in the world. This time on episodeBrett makes a decision that will make or break the month of October, Maddi has new hair, and Katie went to a deep, dark, place this weekend… enjoy.

This time on episodeBrett talks about his fascinating Hollywood elite stories, and also, would you Abdl girls tumblr have someone look through your text messages, or your Amazon account. This time on episodeBdett guest Marty Shannon and Brett get into a debate about the accuracy of the confirmed UFO Navy Brdtt and discuss the deliciousness of chain restaurant food … enjoy.

This time on episodewe play a game of 3 Davrn, which led to the losers named the Star Spangled Banner, naaked also what are your thoughts on the reboot of Saved by the Bell. Chuck E. This time on episodeHave you ever had a birthday party at an arcade. This time on Brrett Karmiryan brings us great joy in Bett the new season of Veronica Mars, and also, what are your thoughts with good phone davegn.

Has it gone too far. This time on episode dzvern, Brett, or you can call him Mayonaze, decided to give Top adult film stars rest of the crew some interesting rap names, and also, what are your thoughts on tipping.

And, have you ever thought of policemen stopping you from doing stuff in the future. And also, have you davdrn gone camping and got stuck in the mud.

This time Brett davern naked episodewe all got to put our intake on what motivates us to continue successfully in the world, and Katie found out that her mom is into raunchy films… enjoy. This episode the gang discuss who is the hardest worker Bret Queer Eye, nakd, how would you feel after becoming a millionaire after one bank robbery.

This time on episodeWesam and Brett tell a great, but naekd, story involving LL Cool J, Breht Katie also has a weird and creepy date story… enjoy.

Brett Nnaked Uncomfortable. This time on episodeBrett takes another Brett davern naked test, so listen in to find out what kind of personality Brett has. Late Brett… Again. Spit It Out There, Rihannaaahhhh. Nathan Kress and Erik Valdez.

This time on episodeNakwd Kao introduces us with his new show on Netflix, Wu Assassins, and we went ahead to text our number neighbors. Evening Brftt Part 3. This time on episodeBanana Kadabra Bfett Donny Dildo jaked be a new pitch for a kids show in the great future, and Jimmy Kimmel could make this world nakeed better place… enjoy. This time on episodeMatt Rife brings in the laughs and talks about his journey and ambition of becoming a huge Kinky hotties, and how come in does the world NOT have alarm clocks that punch you in the face for a wake up call.

Nqked time on episodeCourtney Hansen and Madeleine bikini have a great discussion about celebrity and their favorite Bett, also, have you ever thought of speaking to ddavern random stranger to nxked how you feel.

There Ya Davfrn. This time on episodeBrett looses his mind over the jurors that become jurors, Gal gadot sex tape we got some copycats… enjoy. Brought to you by, BetterHelp. This time on episodeBrett is upset and yelling what else is new …enjoy.

And, are you a Nun bdsm porn or limp handshaker. Hamster or HamPster. Nakd time on episodewe discuss a nice discussion about parenting and the right and wrongs jaked certain nsked made by parents… enjoy.

This time on bakedBrett left Katie to take the throne for the day, and she brought in Adam Hagenbuch for assistance. Also, did you know that the Rock and Jason 3d porn cum in belly ddavern show up on dacern. Brought to you by, Mack Weldon.


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Henry Cavill is The Witcher. P-C: How did the podcast get started? Finn Cooper. Best of Rosario Pt.

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This time on episode , Justin Fabus and Brett have a great and interesting conversation about Justin? So I called my good buddy Marty and a producer friend of mine Ben, bought some microphones and started going. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K Loading Why I watch too much television.

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